Betty Ross

Since 1986 my work has focused on personal growth and transformation.  I am a seeker of the truth and authentic living.  I am now more able to embrace all parts of myself and live with less physical and emotional rigidity.

Before I started receiving Rosen Method Bodywork sessions I thought I was just a “talking head”.  Even though I was always involved in sports, there was still a huge disconnect to my body.  When I started receiving Rosen sessions in 2001 I realized how much wisdom my body actually had and how important it was for me to listen to my body and include it in my growth process. Through the safe and gentle Rosen touch I was able to bring forth deep inner feelings and continue on my path of healing.  When receiving Rosen sessions I have always been aware of the deep respect and appreciation the practitioner has for me, while allowing me to go where I needed to go.  This I would like to give to you.

I was an assistant administrator with the Southwest Rosen Method Center and I have assisted at numerous Rosen Method Bodywork Intensives.

Having learned so much about our emotional connection to our body I felt it was very important to learn more about the muscles of the body and what exactly was under my hands!  I wanted to know what I was contacting.  Thus, becoming a Massage Therapist gave me a deeper understanding of our structure, how we move and which muscles are held.

After becoming a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner I continued to study and learn more about who I was.  As I learned about Core Energetics I deepened my understanding of how I was holding myself back in many different areas in my life in order to survive.  This protective armor was unconscious, and in learning how to let go I began to unblock my held energy pattern.  I could allow more of my authentic self to be seen.

Our nervous systems largely drive how it is that we react to uncomfortable and difficult events in our lives.  When I began to study Somatic Experiencing it became even clearer to me not only about my fight, flight or freeze reactions, but also how to modify my behavior in order to function in a more grounded, effective way.  My body now knows that I have choices I can make during challenging times.

Your therapy will be unique to your needs.  When we meet we can discuss the difference between these modalities and decide together, how to work.  If you desire we can weave them together or we can just pursue one modality.