Rosen Movement

What is Rosen Movement?

Rosen Movement is a system of range of motion and stretching exercises. These movements are designed to lubricate the joints, expand the chest, and loosen the diaphragm.

Our goal is to make people feel happy and motivated to move/dance. Movements are easy and simple and are done to music. Relaxation and ease are what we want to create. When we relax we do not exert effort and we are using the freedom of our bodies to move.

The movement is based upon our knowledge of the joints. We work towards creating a full range of motion in every joint. Movements include swings, stretches, bounces and twists. In each class we do the same movements but with variations. These movements go from slow to fast and we do not stay with any movement for too long so that they remain pleasurable.

In Rosen Movement we move from our core and begin to reclaim long held stuck places. As we find more space inside ourselves we begin to breathe more easily. We also pause between the movements we do, and between songs. This way people don’t hold their breath from one movement to another, but instead are given the space to breathe.

We move/dance in a circle creating community which often results in comraderie, laughter, and new friendships. Class is held weekly which enhances the building of relationships.

Each class has 5 sections:

  • Warm-up
  • Stretch
  • Circle
  • Across the Floor
  • On the Floor

Warm-up starts with shoulder and chest exercises to open up the diaphragm and get the body ready to move.

Stretch enables the muscles to potentially reach their full length.

Circle is mostly for the lower part of the body as it loosens up the hip joints and the legs and feet.

In Across the Floor we are combining simple basic movements into dance routines.

When On the Floor we get to notice our inner state through simple motion and breath. We end feeling grounded and centered.

Benefits of Rosen Movement:

  • Fuller range of motion
  • Freeing the diaphragm and creating more breath Lengthening of muscles
  • Relaxation
  • Reshaping the body without hurting it Learning to move without effort
  • Increased awareness of how to listen to your body from the inside out Moving with joy
  • Better sense of balance
  • Learning that we have choices about how we move
  • Maintaining mobility even at an older age