Core Energetics

What is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics is a body-centered psychotherapy that works with emotions, mind, body, will of the heart and spirit.  Firstly, it is based upon the belief that the body and mind are connected. Second, is the belief that the source of healing lies within oneself.  Thirdly, there is no life without energy and when it flows naturally and is not interfered with, there is a life force that is totally positive and life affirming.

Core Energetics is based upon the premise that we all hold tensions in our bodies that block our energy flow. When certain emotional reactions we had as children were not allowed and/or were too painful to feel, they remained locked in our bodies.  These emotions;  anger or fear or grief land in our muscles and prevent us from feeling.  Unlike talk therapies, Core Energetics has devised techniques and exercises that allow you to access the wisdom of your body, your Core, where your truth and wisdom come from. For example, you might kick or punch to assist you in getting in touch with your feelings, and connecting these movements to your thoughts.   Once you feel those feelings, you can process them and get in touch with your true self. It is challenging and exciting work. It is truly an exploration of your life’s journey.

The more we can tolerate and surrender to our own feelings, the more grounded we become.  When we are grounded, our heart is open to more possibilities.