Rosen Method Bodywork

Betty RossWhat is Rosen Method Bodywork?

Rosen Method is a powerful form of bodywork that is distinguished by its gentle, direct touch.

At the heart of the Rosen Method is the belief that chronic muscle tension comes from the suppression of feelings.  We tend to hold our muscles tightly in response to experiences we can’t handle at the time of their occurrence. We often forget what has happened, but the memories are stored in our muscles. They are in our unconscious. This muscle tension prevents us from breathing fully and impedes the flow of breath throughout our bodies. When feelings are denied they become stuck in a holding pattern that causes chronic pain. When feelings are allowed, the muscle can soften because the tension is no longer needed to hold down the old feeling. Then more breath can come into the body. As more breath comes into the body, feelings, memories and emotions become conscious.

Thus, this work is based on the belief that tension or pain in your body can be related to emotions or attitudes you are unconsciously holding.

I am not trying to fix anything, but instead I am listening to what is there.  Then I respond with touch and words that encourage you to recognize what has been held down by unconscious muscle tension.

Since this is a process that happens gradually over time, this work is most beneficial when received on a regular basis.  This allows the sessions to build on each other and your experience to deepen.

The Rosen Method has achieved international recognition.  Rosen Method is distinguished by its gentle, direct touch.  Using the power of touch with hands that listen rather than manipulate, muscular tension and pain can be alleviated and a deeper awareness of self evolves.

Benefits of the Rosen Method:

  • Provides deep relaxation
  • Eases chronic muscular tension and chronic holding
  • Increases flexibility and vitality
  • Deepens physical and emotional awareness
  • Allows a greater capacity to cope with stress
  • Helps to live more intuitively and to realize your potential
  • Compliments psychotherapy and spiritual practices
  • Allows truth to surface
  • Encourages self acceptance