Somatic Experiencing

What is Somatic Experiencing?

If you are interested in resolving past or present traumas in your life, Somatic Experiencing is a highly effective approach. Somatic Experiencing can assist you with post-traumatic stress reactions.

Trauma is a normal part of our lives and the Somatic Experiencing approach offers the steps you need to take to assist you in healing yourself from your traumas.

Through awareness of body sensations, individuals are able to access new action patterns that allow you to gradually feel safe. Activation in the body that was never completed due to past traumas, gets completed. One’s nervous system has the opportunity to discharge old patterns and actually create new neuro-pathways in order to deal with and complete traumatic experiences.

The ability to be with oneself, to know where one goes into overwhelm (from too much stimulation of any kind) and to know what is needed to return to center is something one can learn to do in a Somatic Experiencing session.

In a session we will focus on empowerment, resiliency and gaining resources to aid in the healing process through the body sensations and memories.